Conditions of Contract

  1. The hirer must leave their passport as security until the motorcycle is returned.
  2. The hirer is solely responsible for the motorcycle’s condition and security in all aspects during the rental period. If the motorcycle is damaged. lost or stolen the hirer is responsible for the full cost of its repair to its previous condition or its replacement. Unless insurance is purchased ( See Below )
  3. The hirer must observe and obey all traffic laws and is solely responsible for any violations or fines incurred. Confiscation by the authorities will result in the hirer incurring full cost of replacement, even if legal proceedings are pending
  4. The hirer must not lend, sublet or transfer the motorcycle to any third party.
  5. It id the hirer’s responsibility to check the condition of the motorcycle prior to rental.
  6. The fuel level on return must be the same as when thw motorcycle was initially rented.
  7. If the motorcycle is involved in an accident, the hirer is responsible for all charges incurred in returning the bike to the shop and subsequent loss of rental income whilst the bike is being repaired.
  8. In the event of a machanical problem (except punctures) small bikes of 150cc or less will be recovered within a 20km radius of Chiang Mai city centre and bikes over 200cc up to 100km.
  9. No refunds are glven after the motorcycle is taken from the shop
  10. No repair costs will be re-imbursed uniess proir approved by the shop and a receipt shown

Conditions of Insurance

  1. The insurance covers your medical expenses up to 30000 THB / person
  2. The period of insurance will run concurrently with the rental period.
  3. The hirer is responsible for theft and damage to the bike and any third party.
  4. Extra insurance of 250THB per day is available for big bikes of 500cc or more to cover any damage to the bike in excess of 50000 THB
  5. Extra insurance of 100THB per day is available for over 200cc up to 400cc to cover any damage to the bike in excess of 25,000 THB
  6. Extra insurance of 50THB par day is available for Honda PCX150cc to cover any damage to the bike in excess of 15,000 THB and Honda ZoomerX to cover in excess of 5,000 THB